Personal Shopping at John Lewis & Partners

Personal Shopping at John Lewis & Partners

We love John Lewis. No matter what you need, they have it.

Customers love exploring their vast labyrinth of luxury treats that span home, gifts, beauty, clothes and more. One of their true gems though is one not many people know about – their Personal Shopping service. We went over to John Lewis & Partners to find out more about the service and why the people of Liverpool should use it!

Upon arriving at John Lewis, we’re greeted by the infectiously happy Jen. Like the other personal stylists, Jen has years of experience and wholeheartedly loves her job. Her passion really is palpable as she leads us to the Personal Shopping dressing rooms. “It’s an educational experience because it’s an experience to get to know yourself,” she enthuses over the service. There are two rooms for Personal Shopping, each featuring homely décor, comfortable sofas and tons of complimentary extras, including drinks and Wi-Fi to make you feel at ease. As Jen shows us the rooms, she stresses that they’re designed to make customers feel completely relaxed and if you want to bring friends or family along to your appointment you can!


john lewisOne of John Lewis’s Personal Shopping rooms


All sessions start off with an informal chat with a stylist. It’s a way of getting to know you better – your style, what you’re hoping to get from the session – as well as building a relationship with the stylist so you feel confident voicing your opinions. All of John Lewis’s Personal Shopper’s strive to cater to the customer and go above and beyond, so if they have something you love but not in the right size they’ll order it in or something in a colour you love but not the style, they’ll hunt through the store for something similar. John Lewis offer three types of appointment: two complimentary and one charged. Style Express and Style Experience are both complimentary services and are great for updating your look if you’re pushed for time or looking for a specific type of wardrobe update e.g. seasonal. The third service – Style Profile – costs £125 and is a more in-depth look at your unique style personality. You’ll find out which cuts and fabrics suit your proportions and body shape as well as what colours! The £125 is also redeemable against fashion purchases over £500 when booked with a Style Express or Style Experience appointment. Jen is eager to highlight that their appointments aren’t just for big occasions, even if you’re just looking for a new pair of jeans the team is here to help!


So, what does a typical rail look like for customers? “We pick out clothes, shoes and accessories – it’s all about what the customer needs!” says Jen. There’s typically 5 or 6 pieces on a rail as stylists don’t want to overwhelm the customer. This gives them a good basis to find out what works and what doesn’t in terms of style and colours and they then work around this. Jen says she also usually throws in a wildcard outfit to see how open the customer is to trying something new. All in all, it’s a great way of gauging what a client is looking for.


john lewisThe amazing rail Jen picked out for us and Loved & Found, found only in John Lewis Birmingham and Liverpool


The rail Jen’s prepared for us consists of pieces from the exclusive Loved & Found range, found only in John Lewis Birmingham and Liverpool, as well as items from Modern Rarity, Numph and AND/OR.  Each piece is incredibly stylish but also complements the other items. They can also be worn with other staple pieces you already have, meaning you don’t need to have a complete wardrobe overhaul! From sleek tan culottes to edgy navy waistcoats, we love all the pieces Jen has picked out – but what’s her favourite? “I love the Modern Rarity top. It’s so light and bright in design and it has a bit of an edge. It’s also incredibly versatile – it’s not a seasonal piece, it’s an archive piece. It just stands out, it’s definitely amongst my happy clothing!” she beams. “I also love the AND/OR jeans because they give you a great blank slate to work with. Not only are they bestsellers in our store, they’re also super comfortable as well as versatile – I can style them up or down and just have a lot of fun with them!”.


john lewisSome of Jen’s favourite pieces


Like every other aspect of the John Lewis Personal Shopping experience, booking an appointment is simple. Just head to the website or phone the store directly on: 0151 709 7070. If there’s a slot available, they’ll book you in – easy! All in all, we’ve loved our time with Jen at John Lewis and finding out more about their Personal Shopping service. The fact that most customers use the service time and time again just proves how fantastic it is. So, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a style makeover and book an appointment today!

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