Gifts for people who really love dinosaurs at Liverpool ONE

Gifts for people who really love dinosaurs at Liverpool ONE

Friday 12 April 2019

We’ve been going dinosaur mad at Liverpool ONE with the launch of our augmented reality app. The dinosaurs have well and truly been unleashed, with our stores getting in on the action, too – check out some of the dino-themed clothing, stationery, toys and more that you can get your claws on!


What’s inside this roar-some dinosaur egg? It’s a surprise! Get your little one this dino-themed treat after a long day hunting for dinosaurs or some cute dino stationary!


Looking for a gift for a dino-lover? Head to Utility for a funny card and the perfect present – choose from a cute plush toy, a dinosaur-shaped 3-D puzzle or even a quirky dinosaur card.


Cass Art

Head to arts and craft store, Cass Art, for a cute mini decopatch papier maché dinosaur. If you want a bright pink dinosaur, you can! Decorate it however you want using their wide range of decoupage paper.


Dress your little dino fan up or down with a cute prehistoric tee or shirt from Monsoon. We love this cool one with Stegosaurus spikes on the sleeve!


Got the dino t-shirt and want to go a step further? Go for these dinosaur-print All Stars from Schuh Kids. Available as high-tops and low-tops or with a Velcro fastening, they’re the perfect option for any fossil fan.


Dino pens, dino waterbottles and dino lunchboxes, Paperchase can fill your Jurassic stationery needs! We love the cute dinosaur activity book and rucksack – adorable!



Has your day out playing on the app given your family the dinosaur bug? Pick up some Jurassic DVDs at HMV like the Jurassic Park series, The Good Dinosaur and BBC’s Planet Dinosaur.


Want to cuddle one of our in-app dinos? Build-a-Bear has made it all possible with its dinosaur toy exclusive to Liverpool ONE. Head to the store to bring your Jurassic friend to life!


Another stylish addition to any dino hunter’s wardrobe is this cute stegosaurus hoodie. Perfect for cuddling up with the app (and your dinosaurs) at home or wearing out on adventures on slightly less summery days, this top is dino-mite (sorry).

So, next time you’re in Liverpool ONE, go on the hunt for dinosaurs with the Discover at Liverpool ONE app and then stock up on some dino merch to remember the day!

Dino lovers, join our Jurassic adventure with Dinosaurs Unleashed at Liverpool ONE! Click here for more details.

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