Emily Bull’s 5 top tips for January Sales

Emily Bull’s 5 top tips for January Sales

Monday 24 December 2018

Get January Sales sorted with our guest blog from Liverpool-based personal shopper Emily Bull. You've seen her gorgeous style set-ups on Instagram, now see how she tackles the sales!

January, the month we all love to hate (or do we?). The festive season comes to an end and winter is in full swing. But living in the north of England, we tend to get about 10 months of winter in a good year anyway!

Emily Bull

One of the absolute golden eggs the goose of January does produce, however, is the January sales. Retail therapy by now seems like a cliché, but it’s scientifically proven that a shopping splurge causes an explosion of dopamine within the brain, which is the chemical we associate with happiness. So, without further adieu, here are my top tips when tackling the sales to make sure you’re clued up as soon as the doors open on Boxing Day:

  1. Comfy shoes on – don’t let your shopping trip hit a snag by having sore feet!

Rack of clothes Emily Bull

2. Don’t buy for the sake of buying – the aim is to purchase things that aren’t going to gather dust in a wardrobe!

Hand holding bag Emily Bull

3. Step out of your retail comfort zone – look in shops that you don’t visit often. This is were you tend to find the hidden gems.

Leopard print top Emily Bull

4. Be sensible with your purchases. If you had your eye on that classic leather jacket or a staple pair of boots, this is your opportunity to take the plunge.  Another trick is to ask yourself if you’ll be wearing the item in a years time or is the item versatile enough to go with other things in your wardrobe. If the answer to both of those questions is a ‘no’, step away from the item!

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5. The most important tip of all is to enjoy yourself while rummaging through the rails trying to unearth that diamond in the rough. These sales come around once a year to make the dark winter months a little bit brighter and remember, you’re your own personal shopper!

Emily Bull is a Liverpool-based freelance personal shopper. Follow her on Instagram at @emilyjbull for year-round fashion shopping inspiration!

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