A Celebration of Ice Cream

A Celebration of Ice Cream

Monday 2 August 2021

From sundaes to sorbets and everything in between, this summer we are celebrating all things ice cream!

When you think back to spending your summer days outside playing with friends, you will more than likely have been tucking into your favourite ice cream treat on more than one occasion!

Whether it’s the nostalgic thoughts of a 99’r at the seaside, or waiting for the chimes of the local ice cream van as you run inside excitedly shouting for your parents to hurry before it drives away. Summer memories include ice cream, no matter what the weather!

We are celebrating ice cream of all shapes , sizes and flavours by showcasing the most delicious ice-cream desserts you can find here at Liverpool ONE.  Grab a spoon and continue to make those all important memories with your loved ones this summer!

Boujee Restaurant and Bar

ice cream sundae

A dessert at Boujee Restaurant and Bar is never going to be dull. From the glitz and glam ice cream sundae Be more Unicorn to the towering Gimme Some Sugar chocolate chip cookie sandwich filled with peanut butter and ice cream! Their desserts, are big, boujee and perfect for your Instagram feed.


a selection of ice cream desserts

Chocolate heaven is on the dessert menu at Fridays from the Cookie Dough Sundae with cookie dough pieces, shortcake and real dairy ice cream swirled with chocolate & caramel sauces. Or why not go for the  Smores Sunday with layers of real dairy ice-cream and crunchy Biscoff® pieces topped with a caramelised sauce! All desserts are made to share so grab a friend and head to Fridays.

Cote Bistro

raspberry sorbet

Brighten up your day with a raspberry sorbet, the perfect sweet treat! Or why not try the warm chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream which will be sure end your meal on a high.

Byron Burger

ice cream in a pot

The all new ice cream menu has now launched at Byron Burger. Enjoy a choice of delicious flavours including Oreo and Chocolate sauce and Salted Caramel Pop Corn!

Hotel Chocolat

ice cream in a tub

An Ice-Cream of the Gods from Hotel Chocolat is no normal ice cream. It’s silky-smooth, cacao-infused, and award-winning! It’s the perfect treat to enjoy whilst shopping.

My Cookie Dough

cookie dough and ice cream

My Cookie Dough are experts in all things cookie dough. They serve warm, gooey Cookie Dough in mouth-watering flavours decorated with toppings like Kinder, Lotus Biscoff, Nutella and more all served with their delicious vanilla ice cream.

Whether you want to grab an ice cream treat on the go or enjoy the ultimate after dinner treat, we have so many delicious options to choose from. So grab your friends, family and loved ones and make more memories this summer and spend your Summer in the City with Liverpool ONE.

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