Why you can’t beat an Easter in Liverpool

Why you can’t beat an Easter in Liverpool

We all know Liverpool’s an incredible city. There’s always something going on guaranteed to make you smile and feel lucky to live here. From The Three Graces and our proud musical heritage, to our football teams and cultural offering, there really is something for everyone.

But nothing (and we mean nothing) comes close to matching its people – we’re truly one of a kind. So, what makes a Scouser the best? Well for starters we’re quick-witted, caring and passionate about our city. We don’t follow the crowd either. Whatever the occasion, we like to put our own twist on it. Food? Made our own dish. Music? Created the greatest band that ever lived. We never do anything by half, especially when it comes to celebrating. So this Easter, show everyone why you can’t beat an Easter in Liverpool!


First up, the Easter eggs. Scousers know the bigger the egg, the better. We don’t just get one egg, we get multiple – don’t be surprised if you end up in double digits. If you want to be really extravagant, stores like Café Thornton’s on South John Street or Lunya on College Lane stock the finest chocolate eggs in the land. Our favourite this year though has to be from Lindt, found on Paradise Street. The Lindor Shell Egg is made out of delicious milk chocolate, comes wrapped in a neat red bow and includes 8 mini Lindor Easter egg truffles – heaven!


Lindor Shell Egg, Lindt


But it’s not just about the eggs, Liverpudlians love their Easter clothes. It’s a great opportunity to spoil your kids and grandkids with new clothes to wear over the Easter holidays. Get into the Spring spirit with a splash of colour from Zara’s Kidswear collection. Found on South John Street, there’s a huge range to choose from!


Zara Kidswear collection, Zara


You probably know by now that Scousers love a party and Easter is no different. It’s the perfect occasion to break out those board games that haven’t seen the light of day since Christmas. If you want to stock up on new games, take a look at The Entertainer found on Wall Street. Classics to look out for this Easter include Speak Out: Kids vs. Parents and PieFace Showdown, both available from The Entertainer.

The Enterntainer

Speak Out and PieFace Showdown, The Entertainer 


A four-day weekend can mean only one thing – eating out! Here in Liverpool, we like getting the family together and going out for a great meal. Yard & Coop on Hanover Street is the home of Buttermilk Fried Chicken. Their mouth-watering burgers and range of quirky sauces are guaranteed to get your weekend off to a satisfying start. Or why not book a table at the tons of other tasty restaurants Liverpool ONE has to offer?

yard & coopA selection of dishes, Yard & Coop


So, are you feeling inspired to make this the best Easter ever? Plan your visit to Liverpool ONE today and show the rest of the world why an Easter in Liverpool is the best!

And if you want to make it even better, why not buy your loved one a Liverpool ONE gift card – redeemable at over 170 of our stores, bars and restaurants, it’s the perfect Easter treat! 

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