Winter Woollies for Bonfire Night

Winter Woollies for Bonfire Night

Tuesday 29 October 2019

Ahh, Bonfire Night. Skyscapes transformed by pyrotechnic artistry. Children’s faces lit up by glowing sparklers. Triumphant music lifting the spirits of thousands of gathered locals and visitors to our wonderful city. WE LOVE IT.

Numb hands, red noses and uncontrollable shivering? Not so much.

If you’re heading out to Liverpool Waterfront to experience the sights, sounds and colours of the River of Light fireworks display on 3 November (and if you’re not, why not?), we have the bonfire night outfits you need to stay warm and look spectacular.


While that light raincoat or utility jacket might still do the job for nipping around the shops or going to and from work during the day, it just won’t cut it on a night out in early November. Sorry to sound like your parents here, but if you want to stay out until that very last spark without catching your death, you’ll need a proper winter coat.

The onset of winter ushers in the era of the puffer jacket. While these coats may bring to mind 90s streetwear and the music of LL Cool J (for those old enough to remember), in their new reincarnation, they can be worn by everyone from Alexander McQueen-quoting fashion students to your nan. And if they’re good enough for Kylie Jenner and Stormzy, they’re good enough for us.

The beauty of the puffer is that it can look equally good teamed up with a pencil skirt and boots or tracksuit bottoms and trainers. Stand out from the crowd in a bold oversized piece, brave the chill with an off-the-shoulder number or go longline for ultimate warmth. There’s so much choice when it comes to puffers that it’s easy to make the look your own.

  • For women, we’re loving this uber fashionable High Neck Puffer Jacket from Pull & Bear.

Image of Pull and Bear Coat

  • For men, we’re loving this dapper, 100% recycled Down Puffer Jacket from Arket.

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Explore ARKET’s lightweight outerwear, made from 100% pre-used and recycled down and feathers. – #ARKET #upcycleddown

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Think of something more uncomfortable than cold, wet feet. We’ll wait.

Avoid that horrible can’t-move-my-toes feeling while you’re taking in the extravaganza by choosing the right footwear before you head out on the town.

Chunky soles are the name of the game this season and with good reason. Not only do they make you look Billie Eilish-level cool and give you a handy height boost, but they’re great for keeping your feet warm when you’re out and about in inclement British weather.

The right pair of thick-soled boots can see you straight through from Halloween to Easter, making them a seriously worthwhile investment. They’re also easy to wear, whether you’re a jeans and t-shirt guy or a dress and cardy girl. If you want footwear that will withstand everything from damp leaves and Wheel of Liverpool-sized puddles to snow (gasp!), go for a chunky boot made with waterproof materials.

  • For women, we’re loving these warm, waterproof and welly-inspired
  • For men, we’re loving these practical and stylish Chunky Sole Chelsea Boots from COS.

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Whether you’re looking for classic design or practicality, our latest edit of boots has you covered. Pick the pair that suits you the most. Tap to shop #cosstores

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While holding your beloved’s hand to stay cosy may sound romantic, the reality of blue fingers and vasoconstriction is enough to have us jumping in the nearest taxi. Enjoy your night out without the sensation that your fingers are not your own with a new pair of gloves.

For a hardwearing glove that’ll compliment any outfit, a simple black leather number shouldn’t be underestimated. Whether you love the buttery texture of soft leather or you want something a little more rugged, there’s a leather glove for everyone. From fur trims, to buckle detailing, to leopard-print patterns, you can find some amazing designs if “plain” simply isn’t your thing. And if you want to raise the temperature a bit while you’re oohing and aahing at Catherine wheels and Roman candles, you’ll be glad of linings like deerskin, fleece and cashmere.

  • For women, we’re loving these beautifully understated Totes black leather “3 point” smart-touch gloves.

Image of Debenhams gloves

  • For men, we’re loving these sports-inspired Hestra Leather Wool Tricot Gloves from Arket.



As the temperatures drop and the number of people coughing and sneezing rises, it’s time to swap that lightweight cotton scarf for something more substantial. Wrap up with a woolly scarf to enjoy the festivities of Bonfire Night without that nagging feeling that you’re going to pay for not layering up.

A quintessential autumn print, we’re psyched to say that check is in vogue. You don’t have to wear this print from head to toe to score style points either. A simple check scarf can transform your look and make you feel significantly more snuggly. You can shake up your look with the way you wear your scarf too. Whether you go for an overhand tie, a reverse drape or a Parisian knot, this essential winter accessory can take your outfit from bland to interesting in an instant.

If you live for winter woollies, the selection of scarves on offer this year won’t disappoint. From woven wool, to fine wool, to alpaca wool blends, warming up has never felt so soft.

  • For women, we’re loving this statement-making Checked Cotton-Wool-Alpaca Scarf from COS.


Woven scarf from COS


  • For men, we’re loving this super stylish Woven Wool Scarf from Arket.


And then there’s the beverages…

Want to warm up with a hot chocolate or sip a beer or wine without the nasty plastic that goes along with disposable takeaway cups? With a reusable cup, you can. We know, Greta Thunberg, eat your heart out, right? For sustainable and stylish options like this Ecoffee Reusable Coffee Cup, head to Utility on Paradise Street. Made from organic bamboo, this cup is recyclable and biodegradable, meaning that on-the-go drink doesn’t have to play on your conscience. What’s more, it can save you a pretty penny too, with some coffee shops offering discounts on drinks for people who bring their own container.


Eco Cup Utility


Whether you’re going out for bonfire night in Liverpool or beyond, there’s no need to compromise on style when you’re layering up for an evening of firework gazing. And there’s still time to create a cosy and eye-catching ensemble for this year’s celebrations. Head to Liverpool ONE to check out the coats, boots, scarves, gloves and reusable cups mentioned in the blog, as well as a whole host of other woollies that are sure to reignite your love of winter.

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