What’s the real story of Valentine’s Day?

What’s the real story of Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you might be starting to think about how to show your love and affection on this special day. However, between picking out a beautiful bunch of blooms, selecting a delicious box of chocolates and penning the perfect heartfelt message, you could be wondering why do we even celebrate this day in the first place?

So, regardless of whether you go googly-eyed over Valentine’s Day or not, keep reading to discover the real story behind this holiday.


The real story of Valentine’s Day

There are several myths which claim to tell the story of how Valentine’s Day came to be – many of which maintain that this holiday began as a religious one. In fact, the Catholic Church recognises at least three saints with the name Valentine or Valentinus, all of which were martyred and quite literally died for love.

The most popular Saint Valentine was a Roman priest serving under Emperor Claudius during the third century. Due to his belief that single men made better soldiers than those who were married with families, the emperor created a law that made it illegal for young men to wed. Realising the unfairness of this, Valentine defied Claudius and continued to perform marriages in secret.


When is Valentine’s Day celebrated and why? 

Upon discovering what Valentine was up to, the emperor had him put in jail, sentencing him to death. While imprisoned, the saint fell in love with the jailer’s daughter, and when taken to be killed on February 14th, he penned a love letter to her signed “from your Valentine” – an expression that is still used today.

After his death, the priest was canonised by the Vatican and subsequently, February 14th was declared Valentine’s feast day – a day designated by the church to honour a saint’s life.


Mating season

Some people believe that Valentine’s Day stems from something less tragic than a martyred saint. For example, in England and France, February 14th is thought to be the beginning of mating season for birds, which is symbolic of love, fertility and the promise of spring.


Notes of affection

Others claim that Valentine’s Day began to rise in popularity around the 17th century, when it was common for friends to exchange gifts and notes of affection. It’s believed the first Valentine’s card was sold in 1840 by artist and businesswoman Esther Howland. Upon receiving her own Valentine at age 19, Howland was determined to make a better card herself, and it’s from there that her Valentine’s card business took off. Today, an estimated one billion cards are sent each year.


Things to do in Liverpool ONE on Valentine’s Day

There’s no denying that Valentine’s Day gives you the perfect excuse to make a fuss of the one you love or ask that certain someone out on a special date. So, if you’re looking for fun and romantic things to do on Valentine’s Day, we can help.

Below, we take a look at nine things to do in Liverpool this Valentine’s Day with your other half.


Grab a complimentary glass of prosecco at Las Iguanas

Toast your significant other with a glass of complimentary prosecco at Las Iguanas this Valentine’s Day. Situated on The Terrace, the contemporary Mexican restaurant is the ideal choice if you’re looking to grab a delicious bite to eat and wash it down with a little fizz. You can choose from small plates of Fiesta Ensalada, chicken wings and quesadilla, as well as the all-important nachos!

To claim your free glass, simply book beforehand.

Book a Table


Pick out the perfect gift at the brand new Pehnaligon’s

Find the perfect gift at Penhaligon’s this Valentine’s Day. You can take your pick from a selection of luxurious scents from the master perfumers – all of which are elegantly wrapped and ready to give to that special someone.

If you’re not entirely sure which scent will float their boat, take advantage of the excellent Discovery Sets featuring a collection of best-selling perfumes.


Challenge your date to a game of ping pong or pool at Roxy Ball Room

 If you’re looking for something to do that’s not so ‘lovey-dovey’, head over to Roxy Ball Room and challenge your date to a game of ping-pong or pool. Open from 12pm every day, sip on beer and cocktails, listen to great music and nibble on pizza and burgers, all while putting your sporting skills to the test.

You can find Roxy Ball Room on College Lane, and it’s open from 12pm every day.


Watch the latest flick from the ODEON Gallery

Give your date the VIP treatment this V-day and watch the latest flick from the ODEON Gallery. You’ll have the best view of the screen and access to the Gallery bar where you can tuck into unlimited freshly made popcorn, nachos and soft drinks. You’ll also have the opportunity to sink into extra-wide seats with added leg room, taking your cinema experience to the next level.

To find ODEON, take the escalator to the Galleria.


Sip on cocktails at Aether

If you’re looking for somewhere to have a quiet, romantic drink with your Valentine, Aether is the perfect choice. Situated on Chavasse Park, this 20s and 30s jazz era-themed bar provides a unique drinking experience. The menu offers 20 signature drinks inspired by the elements, as well as an array of fine wines.

Aether is open from noon until late every day – closing at 1am on Thursday 14th February.


Satisfy your sweet tooth with a Krispy Kreme doughnut

Fancy treating your date to something sweet? In the run up to February 14th, Krispy Kreme is offering limited edition Valentine’s themed doughnuts in a selection of irresistible flavours. From the heart-shaped Nutty Chocolatta with its rich Nutella centre, to the hand-dipped strawberry flavoured Smiley Heart, to the Raspberry Romance with its raspberry and chocolate truffle filling, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Find Krispy Kreme on Paradise Street near Urban Outfitters.

Krispy Kreme Valentine's Day Doughnuts


So, if you’re looking for ideas for Valentine’s Day, head to Liverpool ONE. Whether you decide to go for a drink, grab a bite to eat or go to the cinema, there are plenty of fun and romantic ways you can show your loved one you care.


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