Love Your Liverpool!

Love Your Liverpool!

Friday 10 July 2020

Summer isn't cancelled, it's just different. It's still the Liverpool we know and love.

Together with the city, we’re inviting you to a summer of love in Liverpool.

This year, let’s explore closer to home. Experience Liverpool like a tourist – discover the places you’ve always wanted to go and those you didn’t even know existed.

Our world famous waterfront and endless coastline are still here. Our museums and  galleries are re-opening with safety measures in place – so you can get lost in history,  art and music all over again. And our bars and restaurants can’t wait to serve you the  best cuisine from around the world, socially distanced of course!

With shoppers making a beeline for the high street, shopping in the city centre is back. Fancy a post lockdown shopping spree? Liverpool is the perfect destination.  Keep your eye out for the one way system and don’t forget to social distance while queuing.

And why not make a night of it with one of our amazing hotel deals. Our places to stay have been busy training their teams and implementing new health and hygiene procedures.

We all want to be part of the city’s recovery. So let’s support the local economy and  remember why this place is loved around the world.

Fall in love with Liverpool. All over again.

Head to the Visit Liverpool page to find out what Liverpool has in store for you this Summer.

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