Leftover Turkey Tips

Leftover Turkey Tips

Got tons of turkey left over from Christmas Day? Don’t let it go to waste! Use it to make some delicious dishes…

Turkey Carnitas

Transform your turkey into a Mexican meat feast. Is there anything better than crispy and juicy strips of meat, topped with onion and coriander and finished with a squeeze of fresh lime? This recipe for Carnitas with a turkey twist will go down well with the whole family and ensure every last scrap of turkey is used!





Christmas Pizza

For a quick and tasty way to make the most of your leftover turkey, try making a Christmas pizza. Combining your spare turkey and stuffing, along with cheese and sage leaves, this recipe is as simple as they get and will appeal to the pizza lovers in your life, which is basically everyone!



Turkey Soup

If you have your turkey bones still, this is a delicious boxing day option! Full of flavour, this soup will easily feed the whole family. Just add rice, vegetables and cream soup to create a soup that is warm and hearty – perfect for a cold winter’s day!





Moroccan Turkey Salad

If you’re feeling bad after devouring Christmas dinner and demolishing endless tins of Quality Street, use your leftovers to make a healthy Moroccan turkey salad. Combining your turkey with aubergine, tomatoes, rocket, harissa, pomegranate and mint, this salad is jam-packed with nutrients that will help you feel better.


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