Ideas for relaxing at home

Ideas for relaxing at home

Friday 20 March 2020

We’re all facing something quite unprecedented over the next few weeks, and it’ll be more important than ever to find relaxing things to do at home. Remember to take some time away from social media and the news, and do some of the things you love to do.

The Mental Health Foundation recommends you stay in touch with people regularly, create a new daily routine that prioritises looking after yourself, and make sure your wider health needs are being looked after. Here’s some of our ideas for relaxing during the time we’ll all be asked to stay indoors as much as possible. And remember, it won’t be forever!

Put on some calming music

Calming music has the power to subdue and soothe us, and a good idea is to put together some playlists full of low-tempo songs. (And no, we’re not just thinking of your neighbours – although, do be kind!) Online streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music come pre-packed with loads of curated playlists. It’s good to explore something you might not traditionally listen to, such as Relax by Classic FM. It might also be time to dust off those CDs you never get round to playing because you’re always on-the-go – just check you’ve still got something to play them on first!

Do some yoga with White Wolf

The fabulous White Wolf Yoga has videos on YouTube, so you can still get your stretch on at home. Stick the telly on, get into your comfies (actually, scratch that – we’re living in our comfies at the minute!), and… breathe. Award-winning yogi Louise Fitzsimmons is usually based in the city centre, but we’ll all be happy to virtually welcome her into our homes via her YouTube channel until we can be there again.

Enjoy your favourite food from home

Thanks to the likes of Deliveroo and JustEat, lots of brands can still safely deliver our favourite meals to our homes. Spread out a tablecloth, get the candles going and tuck in. At least it’ll give you an excuse to clear away your home office from the dining table for the weekend! Find out about Deliveroo deals here.

Start listening to a new podcast

If you’re new to podcasts, or even if you’re a dedicated listener, there’s enough out there to keep you entertained for ages. We love Radio City presenter Leanne Campbell’s Ladies of Liverpool podcast, featuring people from our city like Crissy Rock, the brilliant Frances Molloy, and charities like Zoe’s Place and Claire House. There’s lots of love and lots of laughter, and to be honest, this one’s probably not to work from home to – you won’t be able to see your screen for laughter!

a woman smiling advertising ladies of liverpool podcast

Download a time management app

We’re all about to lose track of time a bit, like Christmas but with less of the tinsel. To keep healthy and on top of feelgood activities, download an app like Streaks. The habit-forming app will remind you to go for walks every day, read a book, eat vegetables and do yoga. The idea is to build up “streaks”, a high number of successive days where you’ve kept to your goals. It’ll even remind you to brush your teeth. Not that we think you’ll forget to brush your teeth!

Just, Netflix.

When all else fails: Netflix. It’s going to be really important to remember to take some time out and get lost in a film or a series, but don’t forget that watching the same TV can bring us a connection to others. Maybe you’re trying to get everyone to watch The Pharmacist, or you don’t get the hype around The Stranger? The Cast app allows you to enjoy co-watching sessions with friends. Virtually get together over a favourite romcom or a stand-up special, don’t forget the wine, and have a good laugh. You’ll feel better, promise.

Don’t forget to let us know your suggestions on how you’re spending your time at home on social media. Take care, Liverpool!

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