Giant meals for Giants

Giant meals for Giants

There’s something special going on in Liverpool on 4-7 October, when the Giant Spectacular returns for the final time for Liverpool’s Dream. Just in case the giant family needs a satisfying pit-stop, we’ve chosen three restaurants along the route serving up mammoth portions of mouth-watering food (also suitable for humans).

  1. Bem Brasil.

If you’ve never had a Brazilian Rodizio experience, we have our very own here at Liverpool ONE in the heart of the action. Bem Brasil’s knowledgeable Passadores will serve your meat at your table from succulent barbecued cuts, and will keep going until you tell them to stop! Just keep the disc on your table set to green to keep sampling the finest cuts of beef, pork and chicken – and of course, stop off at the salad bar!

Yard and Coop Massive Burger

2. Yard & Coop

Now bigger and better, the massive burger (with the name far too explicit to mention!) is Yard & Coop’s largest menu item, defying gravity and most stomachs! It even comes with a separate mini chicken burger as a garnish, and rises from a bed of saucy fries. This would be no mean feat for the average human, but giants would make light work of this creation.

Red's True BBQ

3. Red’s True BBQ

When you’re let loose on Red’s True BBQ, you can construct your own giant Barbecue Tray by selecting from a list of their meats, including a horseshoe portion of Smoked Cheese & Jalapeño Sausage, Rib Tips and Red’s Pulled Pork. Then, obviously, one course is never enough: leave room (or make room) for new Banoffee Cheesecake. Book now to make sure you emerge from your meat coma at the perfect time to see the giants passing.

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