Where to get pancakes at Liverpool ONE

Where to get pancakes at Liverpool ONE

Wednesday 19 February 2020

If you’re anything like us, pancake making is best left to the experts. No matter how carefully ingredients are measured out, no matter how exactly recipes are followed, we’re always left feeling less than fluffy about our creations. That’s why you can’t beat a trip out to a quaint café or bistro, with all the trimmings prepared by chefs for a perfect stack.

We’ve rounded up the best of Pancake Day treats at Liverpool ONE. Book in, and tuck in!



Most people are either sweet or savoury, with little in between. If the thought of sweet, syrupy pancakes switches you off, go rogue and try Bill’s Sweetcorn Pancakes, with poached eggs, feta and avocado. If your partner isn’t really into it, though, they’ve got a whole load of specials for Pancake Day guaranteed to keep everyone happy – including the classic lemon and sugar.

pancakes at bill's with avocado and feta

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No one does crêpes like the French, and Côte has perfected the crêpe complète, with eggs, bacon and shaved Gruyère cheese. As if you needed an excuse, make an occasion of it and book in this Pancake Day, enjoying a mimosa or Bloody Mary too.

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Try something truly French for breakfast this Sunday, with our Crêpe Complète. A warm crêpe with a tempting combination of two free range eggs, bacon and shaved Gruyère cheese.

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The Club House

You’ve heard of a hanging kebab from The Club House – they’ve brought the concept to Pancake Day with mini pancakes, sugar dusting and strawberries. As it happens, the sweet style of this dish is truly a thing of wonder, and one guaranteed to delight on your Instagram grid.

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Cosy Club

Make it your way at Cosy Club this Pancake Day. Single buttermilk pancakes are £1.25 each, and you can stack as high as you like, with as many toppings as you like, too! Challenge yourself to build a super stack and add bacon, berry compote, Nutella®, maple syrup, crème fraiche, chocolate sauce… although perhaps not all on the same pancake!

plates of pancakes at cosy club

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Heavenly Desserts

Visit the absolute kings and queens of sweet at Heavenly Desserts on The Strand. Every item on their Signature Creations menu is available as a crêpe, which includes flavourings like Lotus Biscoff® and Banoffee – or create your own toppings on American-style pancakes or crêpes. Arrive early, grab a seat at the window, and look out over the iconic Royal Albert Dock while you tuck in.

heavenly desserts pancakes


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