Discover Wahaca’s New Summer Menu

Discover Wahaca’s New Summer Menu

Summer has officially arrived at Liverpool ONE’s Wahaca in the form of 10 delicious, new dishes, including the Four Cheese Empanada, Hibiscus-Roasted Aubergine Salad and Buttermilk Chicken Taco! Inspired by Wahaca founder Tommi’s favourite summer foods and recent travels around Mexico, the new summer menu is bursting with flavour.

“The three key factors of this summer menu are flavour, taste and presentation,” says Tommi and you can certainly tell! Wahaca’s close relationship with sustainable suppliers, like Trealy Farm and Gringa Dairy, means Wahaca’s food contains only the very best ingredients.



A selection of dishes from the new menu


Simple Food Recipe

So, once you’ve sampled Wahaca’s finest tasty treats, maybe even basked in the early summer sunshine on their roof terrace, how about trying to cook one of their mouth-watering new dishes yourself? Inspired by former Masterchef champ Tommi, learn how to make Wahaca’s new Buttermilk Chicken Taco, made up of crispy fried chicken, topped with habanero and white onion relish and a spiced mayo in your own kitchen – yum! Watch the cooking video below and follow the instructions.






2 x Cornflour tortillas
100g Buttermilk chicken (2 pieces)
40g Marinated cabbage15g Ancho Mayo
20g White onion relish
2g Coriander leaves


  1. Fry the buttermilk chicken until golden
  2. Toast the cornflour tortillas on flap top and add the buttermilk chicken thighs
  3. Add marinated cabbage, ancho mayo and white onion relish
  4. Garnish with a few handpicked coriander leaves









And that’s it!  Of course, cooking at home is fun but you shouldn’t miss Wahaca’s quirky restaurant on College Lane near Hanover Street, which serves fresh, honest, Mexican market food, and features a cool Cocktail Menu which shakes fresh blends with a Modern Mexican twist.

Hanover Street has become a foodie’s paradise, jam-packed with a variety of cuisine. With everything from Mexican to Brazilian, Caribbean to Catalan, if you’re after great food and fun spaces to relax with friends, Hanover Street is the place to be!

See Wahaca’s full summer menu here.


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