5 Christmas gifts for Scousers

5 Christmas gifts for Scousers

Tuesday 19 November 2019

Liverpool is our home, and it’s no secret that Scousers are so proud of where we live, that there’s loads of choice when it comes to Liverpool Christmas gifts.

Here’s our selection of some of the very best Christmas gifts celebrating our world-famous city. We’ve featured products from the Superlambanana to gifts celebrating our football teams. Read on to find something for every Scouser.


Take home a miniature of one of Liverpool’s most iconic statues. Perfect for every desk or mantlepiece, this cultural icon is a perfect gift this Christmas. Find this tiny version of the landmark at Utility.

Liverpool GIN

Celebrate this wonderful city the only way we know how. Gin! Not just regular gin, Liverpool Gin. This gorgeous gin is distilled just a stone’s throw from the site of the original Bank Hall distillery, using only the finest ingredients handcrafted in a copper pot still. Beauty Bazaar, Harvey Nichols has the full collection in their Spirits Shop on the first floor.

There She Goes: Liverpool, A City on its Own: The Long Decade: 1979-1993 by Simon Hughes

Pop into Waterstones and treat yourself to this modern social history of Liverpool as a city. Get sucked into Liverpool’s long-lost decade from 1979-1993. Brought to life brilliantly by Simon Hughes.

Liverpool Monopoly

Gather the family round for this Liverpool F.C Limited Edition of Monopoly, collecting your favourite LFC legends and managers from the team’s illustrious history. Will Gerrard, Carragher or Suarez help you on the route to Monopoly victory? Available at the LFC Store in Liverpool ONE.

 Everton Heritage Football

Score goals like your favourite Everton legends. A club steeped in history; this Everton heritage football is a perfect gift for any Blue in your life this Christmas. Get yours from Everton Two store at Liverpool ONE.

We hope you found this gift guide useful to treat friends and family this Christmas. Get your loved ones the perfect gift, while at the same time celebrating all that’s great about our wonderful city, Liverpool!


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