5 Coffee Ideas at Liverpool ONE

5 Coffee Ideas at Liverpool ONE

Liverpool ONE is a coffee lover’s paradise, with top quality coffee on-the-go for when you’re visiting, but also the best equipment to take home. Most of us couldn’t get through the day without it, and luckily all you need is here at Liverpool ONE. 1 October is International Coffee Day, so why not celebrate by upping your coffee game, just in time to snuggle a cup for the coming autumn.

Man in Nespresso

Nespresso is the crème de la crema of coffee kit. No kitchen is complete without a machine – and even the capsules look great to display, making them a cult classic. The passionate coffee specialists in their boutique on Peter’s Lane can help find your perfect roast: no imitation will suffice. In it for the long haul? Take advantage of their subscription service which allows you to choose from a selection of Nespresso machines for only £1.

ARKET Mavam machine

If you’re looking for a window spot perfect for people watching, the new ARKET café on Paradise Street will quench your needs and your thirst. Their Mavam coffee machine is a special kind, submerged into the countertop. It’s one of only two in the country, which makes ARKET a destination experience for true coffee devotees. They’ve selected Union Coffee as their tipple of choice, and it’s deserved: Union hand roast their coffee in small batches, which typically scores highly on the SCAA’s international scale of coffee quality. Grab a freshly baked cinnamon roll while you’re at it for a true Scandi flavour.

Alessi Pulchina Espresso machine

If it’s a quick caffeine top-up you’re after, you’ll be familiar with sophisticated espresso culture. At Liverpool ONE, we have a design icon in our midst: the Alessi Pulchina Espresso Maker is relatively new to the coffee clan, but is the product of years of research into the perfect shape for brewing coffee. And no Alessi kitchen set-up is complete without their famous heart-shaped spoons. Pick a Pulchina up from Utility and try not to walk away with dozens of their beautiful espresso cups.

Costa bonfire spice family

Looking forward to the cold weather would be nothing without seasonal coffees from our usual favourites. Ticking them all off is a yearly pastime, and each year gets better and better. Costa Coffee on Lord Street introduces their new Bonfire Spiced Family this year, featuring delicious rich caramel toffee flavours with smoky, toasted spices. And at Starbucks, you know what’s good: of course, the Pumpkin Spice Latte has returned! But it brings with it a new friend, the Maple Latte, promising that the upcoming season will be full of delicious opportunities to indulge.

Hotel Chocolat range

Coffee lovers, it’s time for a pinch of reality: some people don’t like coffee at all. If you know someone like this, a hot chocolate usually delights when in need of that warming feeling. We’ve had it on good authority that a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate from the Hotel Chocolat Café hits the spot nicely – and don’t worry, they do coffee too!


If you’re visiting Liverpool ONE on a coffee pilgrimage, prebook your parking here for up to 40% off.

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