15 roarsome facts about dinosaurs from #DinosaursUnleashed

15 roarsome facts about dinosaurs from #DinosaursUnleashed

Wednesday 15 April 2020

We’ve gone dinosaur-mad here at Liverpool ONE...

So we decided to ask the experts at Teach Rex for their best dino facts about some of the Jurassic friends you can unlock on our augmented reality app…

Hi there!

We’re Sam and Joe, the team behind Teach Rex and creators of our very special T-Rex pal, Jam!  If you’ve been playing the new Dinosaurs Unleashed appyou’ll be able to hatch eight augmented reality dinosaurs through your smartphone or tablet, making sure they’re well fed, watered and exercised.

Of course, we love learning about all things dino, but we enjoy sharing our knowledge even more, so here’s our pick of the best Jurassic facts…

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Did you know…?

Although the T-Rex is probably the most infamous dinosaur, it was also one of the rarest because it was the top of the food chain. In actual fact, the T-Rex is not a Jurassic dinosaur as it lived in the Cretaceous period. By the end of the Cretaceous period, all dinosaurs were extinct.

Unlike other dinosaurs of their time, the T-Rex’s eyes were front-facing giving it bifocal vision. Other dinosaurs had eyes set on the side of their heads.


Did you know…?

They were made famous by Hollywood blockbuster, Jurassic Park, in which they were shown to be smart and inventive, which was probably true! Their brains are large, suggesting they were unusually clever for dinosaurs.

They were about a metre tall with lots of teeth, but their main weapons were crescent, moon-shaped claws on each hind foot that they used to slash at prey.

They were pack hunters and could easily take down a bigger dinosaur, but they were also opportunists so would take risks getting food.


Did you know…?

Triceratops weighed about the same as an elephant!

They had horns and a frill that could reach nearly one metre!


Did you know…?

The Stegosaurus was nine metres long?!

They had armoured plates on their backs, which weren’t part of its skeleton so they’re usually found separate to fossilised remains.


Did you know…?

This veggie dinosaur was heavily armoured with a big club at the end of its tail used to keep away predators. They even had armour on their eyelids!


Did you know…?

Pteranodon was not technically a dinosaur – it was a winged creature that lived during the late Cretaceous period at the same time as the Tyrannosaurus Rex, but was from a totally different group of animals.

Pteranodon is often confused with the smaller Pterodactyl; the largest Pteranodon found had a 6.25-metre wing span!


Did you know…?

Brachiosaurus was an armed reptile with longer forelegs. It was one of the biggest dinosaurs but, unlike the diplodocus whose neck went straight out, the brachiosaurus’ neck went straight up, like a giraffe.

The biggest of the brachiosaurs was Giraffatitan which means ‘giant giraffe’. The brachiosaurus family was the tallest of all the dinosaurs.

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