7 Ways to Beat the Sales Rush

7 Ways to Beat the Sales Rush

The January sales are here! After the rush of gift-buying during December, seeing high street sales with “50% off” tags is like a warm hug for the financial soul.

And with a number of amazing new shops joining us last year – GUESS, Ben Sherman, Molton Brown to name but a few – the sales are better than ever. Sure, Black Friday is good, but January sales will always hold a special place in our heart.

There’s nothing better than bragging about the incredible bargain you got to your friends, but sales time does tend to mean that it can get a little busier than usual. Use our tips below to make your sales shopping experience as smooth as possible so you can get home and show off your purchases even quicker!


1. Quietest shopping times

This seems like an obvious one, but knowing when to come even just a couple of hours before or after your usual shopping time can really make a difference. We’ve identified when it’s the least busiest time so you can shop without having to navigate the crowds.

On weekdays, shop between 10am – 12pm and 6pm – 8pm for fewer crowds.

On Saturdays, 9am – 11am and 6pm – 7pm are the quieter times to browse.

On Sundays, 4pm – 5pm is the best time to nip in and grab something, just before the shops shut.

Overall, Tuesday is the quietest day of the week.


2. Plan your shopping route

Know your shopping districts? Get familiarised with where your favourite stores are in town and you’ll have more time to get that bargain rather than looking for where it is.

Make a b-line straight for Peter’s Lane if you’re looking to shop high end. It’s sandwiched by Bravissimo and Beauty Bazaar, Harvey Nichols, so if you spot them, you know you’ve found it. For high street and tech, you can find the right shops all around Paradise Street and South John Street. Toy shops are all on South John Street, as well as the recently relocated Apple Store and Debenhams and John Lewis.


3. Take advantage of transport links

Don’t like to drive? We’re surrounded by bus stations and city centre train stations, so you never need to walk far with your shopping bags to get home. Decide which shops to go to first and last to avoid that dreaded “shopping bag handle burn”. If you get the bus from either the Liverpool ONE bus station or the top of Lord Street, plan to go to South John Street, John Lewis and Debenhams last. Make Peter’s Lane and Topshop the last stop before you head to the train station. Calling a cab? You can get picked up from the John Lewis collection point or hail a black cab on Hanover Street.


4. Free hot drink and cake

Getting those ‘my John Lewis’ reward vouchers through the post is arguably the most looked-forward-to event each month. Make good use of it in January by saving it for a peaceful pit-stop during sales shopping. A coffee and a slice of cake will perk you up with some energy if you feel like you’re flagging but still want to keep shopping, and it won’t cost a penny!


5. Use the “secret Starbucks”

Prefer a latte from Starbucks? Make sure you visit our “secret Starbucks”, if you haven’t already. If the Paradise Street branch is busy with people taking a sales shopping break, try the one around the corner. It’s tucked under the Sugar House Steps by the entrance to John Lewis, so may be quieter.


6. Don’t forget the dining sales

There’s no sales rush if everyone’s sitting down! Don’t forget that January is usually the time when restaurants have special offers when you dine at certain times or on certain days. With up to 50% off, it’s the ideal time to try new dishes or even somewhere completely new without having to pay full price. Depending on the restaurant, you can either just walk-in to enjoy the discount, grab a bounce back card to redeem the offer or use an online voucher. See all the offers available here.


7. Click and collect

Most of our stores offer a click and collect service, taking the ease out of browsing the sale rails. Add to your basket online and choose delivery to the Liverpool ONE store, then simply pick up next time you’re here to beat the queues.


Visiting Liverpool

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