6 Accessories That Will Keep You Fighting Fit

6 Accessories That Will Keep You Fighting Fit

Trying to get fit for summer? It can be hard staying on track with so many obstacles in your life – junk food, long days at work, lack of motivation. Thankfully, there are tons of simple accessories that will help you stay on course and improve your fitness! Check out our list of the top 6 available below.

Fitbit Alta

If you really want to revolutionise your workout, buy a Fitbit Alta. Keep track of your progress and receive real-life updates straight to your wrist! The Fitbit Alta tracks steps taken, distance covered, calories burned and exercise sessions, as well as your sleeping pattern to give you a full picture of your health and how it can be improved. As well as being a great fitness aid, it’s also super stylish – win-win! Pick one up for yourself now in John Lewis on Paradise Place.


Fitbit Alta, £99.99, John Lewis || Adjustable Ankle Weights, £20, Adidas


Ankle weights

Improve your stamina and strength with some ankle weights! The adjustable ankle weights found in Adidas on Paradise Street, feature an adjustable Velcro design and soft material that provide a close but comfortable fit. Add up to 2kg of weights, depending on how intense you prefer your workouts, and see your legs transformed in time for summer.



The right earphones can be a game changer for your workout. The Aftershokz Sportz Titanium Headphones found in realbuzz on Upper South John Street, allow wearers to both listen to music and stay aware of ambient sounds making them a great pair of earphones for street runners and cyclists. As well as its OpenFit design, it also has a reflective headband and is sweat and moisture resistant!


Aftershokz Sportz Titanium Headphones, £49.95, Realbuzz || Karrimor Bluetooth Wireless Sport Earphones, £27, Sports Direct


Another great pair are the Karrimor Bluetooth Wireless Sport Earphones from Sports Direct on South John Street. These earphones allow you to listen to music wirelessly and feature noise reduction and a Sure Fit design for maximum comfort and stability, allowing you to stay focused and free while you work out.


Skipping rope

One low-cost and easy way of getting fit is skipping. Proven to improve fitness – 10 mins of skipping can have the saw health benefits a as a 45 min run! –  investing in a skipping rope is a must. We recommend the Fitness-Mad Speed Rope found in realbuzz on Upper South John Street. Durable and smooth-turning, this speed rope is available in three different lengths making it suitable for all!



Skipping rope, £6, Realbuzz || Total Body Balance Ball Kit from Gaiam, £26.49, John Lewis


Yoga Ball

Yoga is a fun and relaxing way of getting in shape. The Total Body Balance Ball Kit from Gaiam from John Lewis is a great way to sculpt your abs, strengthen your arms and tone your legs. The kit comes complete with a fun DVD which takes you through a series of Pilates, yoga and strength moves using the ball to get you feeling fantastic and looking toned!

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