5 top tips to get the most out of our augmented reality dinosaur app

5 top tips to get the most out of our augmented reality dinosaur app

Tuesday 2 April 2019

So you’ve downloaded our augmented reality dinosaur app and you want to get to the top of the leader board, but how do you do it?

Whether you want to help your kids climb the leaderboard on the next family day out or you want to beat your siblings in the rankings, we’ve lined up our top tips to see you raking in the points.

Unlock all the dinosaurs

There are seven eggs located around Liverpool ONE and scanning each will give you a different dinosaur. You’ll start with one dinosaur already hatched meaning you can have a total of eight to look after. The dinosaur you get at each egg will be selected at random so make sure you go to each one to get them all!

Once you’ve hatched all your dinosaurs, you can start to train them at home.

Feed your dinosaur

Head to Chavassic Park where you can find treats and snacks for your dinosaur. Add them to your inventory for later but remember, the herbivore triceratops won’t thank you for a steak! Make sure you feed your dinosaur the food best for their diet to boost their health stats and their happiness.

Find energy boosts

Heading into the Battle Arena? Seek out the energy boost spots dotted around our shops and restaurants for a dino pick-me-up. This will improve your chances in the ring and help you climb the levels – and the leaderboard! Simply launch the app and hit ‘scan’ when you see a boost sticker in over 30 store and restaurant windows.

Spring Half Term at Liverpool ONE

Exercise your dinosaur

While you can only find energy boosts at Liverpool ONE, you can prepare for success in the Battle Arena by regularly exercising your dinosaurs at home. Walk them in your bedroom or down your street to boost their happiness levels and make them strong. Make sure you take plenty of silly selfies and share them with your friends.

Get ready to fight!

Once you’ve fed and exercised your dinosaur and it’s feeling as happy as it can, you’re ready for battle. Head to the Battle Arena up on Chavassic Park to put your dino to the test. And remember, if you win battles, the fights get harder as you level up so make sure you keep training in between!

As you start to win fights, you’ll earn points which will get you on the leaderboard… The more you win, the higher you go!

Are you ready to unleash the dinosaurs? Search ‘Discover at Liverpool ONE’ on the App store or Google Play to download the app now and start training!

Who’ll make it to the top? To see weekly leaderboard updates make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram… Good luck!

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