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Nurturing the environment


Supporting and improving the environment and surrounding communities is at the forefront of Liverpool ONE’s agenda all year round. So, to mark World Environment Day – Saturday 5th June – we have put together some of our favourite energy-preserving projects and strategies. From waste recycling to bee conservation and even the installation of a green […]

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The new Teddy Bare Collection at Too Faced


Cozy up with the newest Teddy Bare Collection from Too Faced inspired by cuddles from your softest childhood bear. Too Faced are known for their unapologetic glamour and femininity, with collections inspired by a love of Paris and unabashed girliness, so we were excited to see what their new collection – inspired by hugs and […]

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The Liverpool ONE Beehives


Did you know that Liverpool ONE is home to over 160,000 bees? Honey bees play a vital role in our eco-system by pollinating flowering plants, trees and crops. They thrive in urban environments among plants and flowers, in gardens and on roads, and on disused pieces of land. As part of our commitment to green […]

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Mental Health Awareness Week


As we mark Mental Health Awareness Week (10-16 May), we’ve taken the opportunity to reflect on the past year and how Liverpool ONE can continue to nurture the wellbeing of the local community.   Earlier this year, the Liverpool ONE Foundation – managed by The Community Foundation for Merseyside (CFM) – launched the 2021 Children […]

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