Toy Shops

At Liverpool ONE we have so many toy shops, your little ones may not be able to choose just one. There’s nothing more delightful than the squeal of joy from a child when they receive a brand new toy.
Our two department stores – John Lewis and Debenhams – have a range of toys and games that are sure to have your little darlings delighted.

Browse the extensive selection at Home Bargains on Hanover Street or get yourself along to The Entertainer and enjoy their wide range of games and toys. Your kids will be totally captivated by their regular themed activity days and magical demonstrations.

Take your tots to Toys R Us and let their imagination flow in aisle after aisle of the biggest range of toys you can possibly think of. And it’s far more than toys – there’s baby care, cycles, video games, outdoor sports and much more to keep your children amused.

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