Thai Restaurants

Liverpool ONE is home to a selection of the best Thai restaurants in the city, with a menu for every occasion!

Dine the Thai way, at the luxurious Chaophraya, serving up everything from Massaman Lamb Curry (the chef’s signature dish) to local favourite Mango Sticky Rice. The restaurant includes three private dining areas overlooking its Palm Sugar Bar, perfect for intimate dinners or special celebrations.

If you’re looking for something a little bit more unique, stop by Yee Rah. Found on The Terrace, Yee Rah serves up Fusion Thai Pacific food in a contemporary space. Boasting an open kitchen, menu favourites include everything from Seabass Choo Chee to Panang Curry and more.

For a taste of Bangkok, be sure to stop by Thaikhun on Chavasse Park. Here you’ll find mouth-watering Thai delights in a contemporary thai setting.


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