Gourmet Burger Restaurants


If the thought of succulent meat, smothered in sauce, topped with cheese and enveloped between two brioche buns fills you with joy, you’ll love the restaurants at Liverpool ONE.

We’ve got tons of burger restaurants in Liverpool ONE that offer top-notch burgers, including some of the very best: Five Guys, Byron Burger and Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

If you’re after a classic, you can’t go wrong with Byron. Not only are their burgers made from four fresh cuts of British beef, you can also choose from a massive SIX different types of cheese! Served with a pickle on the side and a variety of toppings and fries, Byron really is the business.

If you’re a fan of fancy burgers, GBK is the place to go.  Take your pick from the Taxi Driver, Habanero, The Don, or their newest special, the Buffalo Burger. Fresh from Laverstoke Park Farm, the Buffalo is made up of a meat patty, baconnaise (!), Red Leicester cheese, relish, crispy onions and salad.

And Five Guys is world-known for their unique approach to burger-making. Choose your own toppings, which can result in a massive 250,000 different combinations for your unique order. Fill up on unlimited drinks, peanuts, and THOSE fries!

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