Brazilian Restaurants

Looking for the Brazilian restaurants in Liverpool With influences from Europe, Africa and Amerindians, Brazilian cuisine varies greatly by region, reflecting the country’s mixed population and its continental size.

If you’re looking for true Brazilian experience, be sure to head to Bem Brasil, Liverpool ONE.

Found on Hanover Street, here you can enjoy the authentic ‘churrascaria’ atmosphere in a beautiful setting, complete with a lively bar.

At this unique steakhouse, you can indulge in up to 18 cuts of superior quality meat, carved right at your table, for one all-inclusive price. Take your pick of the finest cuts of beef, pork and chicken from the traditional charcoal barbecue.

Not forgetting, unlimited trips to the banquet-style buffet, stocked with authentic Brazilian dishes, salads and stews.

It’s Brazilian tradition to complement a good meal with good music and a refreshing cocktail, so grab a zesty Caipirinha, sit back, relax and enjoy! With a variety of different lunch time, children’s and happy hour offers available throughout the year, there’s always an excuse to stop by.

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