Dinosaurs Unleashed Leaderboard

Dinosaurs Unleashed Leaderboard

Liverpool ONE’s brand new Dinosaurs Unleashed app for Android and iOS allows you to hatch, feed and battle dinosaurs in the comfort of your own home.

Find out how you measure up against your fellow dino keepers…

The Dinosaurs Unleashed Battle Arena is a game of skill and determination and whether you play single player or multi-player in the app, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts with points every time you play.

After each battle, you’ll get a points score and see your position on the leaderboard. But remember, you must be registered on the app to see your score and feature on the board!

You can find the leaderboard within the app by tapping the top left hand menu.

Good luck and remember, it’s only a game…it’s only a game. You can share your own hints and tips or just bask in your glory by joinging the conversation on social using the hashtag #DinosaursUnleashed

Don’t forget to look out for energy boosters across the website and Liverpool ONE’s social media channels:

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