Create a dino hunt!

Create a dino hunt!

Our Dinosaurs Unleashed app is now available and can be downloaded free for enjoyment in the comfort of your own home! We’ve put together some ideas for how you can create a dino hunt using augmented reality triggers (or markers) in your home or garden!

  1. Plan the route for the hunt

Where do you want the route start and where will it end? Have this in mind when planning the path you and your hunters will take to make sure it is safe and as interesting as possible. If you haven’t got much space for the hunt, you can be even more creative with the course you want the hunt to follow!

Top Tip: If you want to play the game, ask someone else to follow these steps for you to create the hunt so you don’t know where all the markers are!
  1. Print the markers

Go to the Dinosaurs Unleashed pages on the Liverpool ONE website and find all of the egg, food, battling and energy boost markers. You can download the markers as PDFs and print them off whatever size you prefer.

  1. Walk around the route and look for the best hiding places

Whether you are playing the game in the house, garden or both, look for places that you and the other hunters will have enough room to scan the markers. You need about 30cm distance between your phone and the marker, so bear this in mind! Stick the markers up, ideally on a vertical wall, using blue tack, tape or drawing pins – but please be careful and get permission from whoever is in charge first!

  1. Come up with some clues or challenges

Why not make the hunt a little bit more fun by writing some clues about where the next egg is and leaving it in an envelope at each egg. It could be a riddle, a set of instructions or even a map!

  1. Add in some treats!

If you’re playing the game around Easter time, why not add in some delicious seasonal treats. Perhaps at the last egg on the trail there could be an Easter gift – or maybe the player who scores the most in the Battle Arena game wins the prize? The options are unlimited.

  1. Do the hunt together or take turns

Don’t forget you can change the hunt around for each person who plays it to keep them guessing about where markers are hidden.

  1. Share your best moments

Don’t forget you can take photos and videos of you and your dinosaurs within the app and better still tell us all about your family’s hunt on social media #DinosaursUnleashed

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