Dinosaurs Unleashed – How to play at home

Dinosaurs Unleashed: How to play at home

We’ve brought back our Dinosaurs Unleashed augmented reality App, where you can hatch, feed and battle dinosaurs – here’s a simple 7-step guide to playing the game at home!

Step 1

Download Dinosaurs Unleashed from the Google Play or App Store. If you need any help with this, take a look at the Dinosaurs Unleashed FAQs.

It’s best to create an account on the app and sign in – you’ll need to do this to see your scores on the leaderboard.

When you open the app, head to the Dino Dock and you’ll see that your first dinosaurs is ready for you to play with – follow the instructions in the app.

Step 2

Visit the Dinosaurs Unleashed page on the Liverpool ONE website to find the first egg marker for you to hatch and some food for your dinosaurs. It’s best to do this from a different device so your phone is free to scan the markers. You will also find a clue on this page, which will help you to find the next egg for hatching…

Step 3 (optional)

As you find all of the eggs and food across the website, click the link at the bottom of each marker to download and print it off so you can set up your own egg trail within your home and garden! Get some more ideas on creating your own egg hunt here. If you don’t want to do the online dinosaur egg hunt, you can find all image markers here.

Step 4

Keep your dinosaurs entertained – the more you feed and exercise them, the happier the stronger they will be when you take them into the Battle Arena. Why not take them around the house or out in the garden?

Check our Facebook page for hints and tips from Liverpool ONE’s very own Park Ranger!

Step 5

Head to the Battle Arena to take your dinosaurs into battle! You can do this at any time, but remember you can only battle the dinosaurs you have hatched, so it pays to collect them all!

Step 6

Check the leaderboard within the app to see how you measure up against other players.

Step 7

Create some amazing photos and videos of you and your family with your dinosaurs and don’t forget to share them with us on social media #DinosaursUnleashed

Step 8

Look out for energy boosters across the website and Liverpool ONE’s social media channels to increase your dinosaurs’ speed and strength!


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