Meet our Park Rangers

Meet our Park Rangers

Now of course when the dinosaurs really roamed the earth, there were no humans around to witness their terrifying reign. Luckily for the visitors to Liverpool ONE this Spring, special Park Rangers will be on hand to make sure you have the most roar-some day out ever!

Dinosaurs Unleashed

Got a question about the new ‘Discover at Liverpool ONE’ app?
Don’t know your T-Rex from your Triceratops?
Trying to decide where to take your mini dino-hunters to refuel?
Need some inspiration for the ultimate selfie pose?

Ask a Park Ranger.

Armed with a stack of dinosaur fun facts and games, the Park Rangers are on hand throughout Spring to ensure your whole family has a great day out at Liverpool ONE. They can help players of the new ‘Discover at Liverpool ONE’ augmented reality app get the most out of the game by helping them hatch the eggs, feed their new dinosaur friends and take them into battle in the special arena.

Find the Park Rangers hanging around the eggs near the shops, bars and restaurants at Liverpool ONE or up on ‘Chavassic Park’ on selected dates throughout Spring, including all weekends and bank holidays.

Make sure you ask for a special dino-hunters sticker!

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