‘Chavassic Park’ at Liverpool ONE

'Chavassic Park'

Just in time for the Spring school holidays, Chavasse Park, the five-acre park in the heart of the city centre, has been transformed into every dinosaur-fans’ dream.



Dinosaurs Unleashed

Specially re-named ‘Chavassic Park’, make sure you find the ultimate selfie spots amongst the terrible beasts, back after a few million years away. Sign up to our newsletter and be the first to hear about Dinosaurs Unleashed special appearances and other exciting events at Liverpool ONE.

Once you have downloaded the new ‘Discover at Liverpool ONE’ app and hatched your new pre-historic friends from the eggs located around Liverpool ONE, you’ll need to feed them. Up on Chavassic Park you’ll find all the food your dinosaur will need to grow big, strong and happy. Be sure to feed herbivores the plants and carnivores the meat – don’t get them mixed up!

To feed your dinosaurs, take a stroll over to the feeding stations, launch the app and hit ‘scan’. Point your smart phone or other device at the food dish and watch it come to life. Visit your dino-friends in the ‘Dino Dock’, see that the food you picked up has been stored and feed them to watch their happiness levels soar.

Once fed and exercised, your dinosaurs are ready for battle. Whilst you’re up on Chavassic Park, head over to the Battle Arena. Launch the app from your smart phone once again to trigger the special augmented reality features. Take on the battle and climb the leaderboard.

Then once your dinosaurs are well fed and have triumphed in battle, you’ll need to boost your energy levels too. Head over to The Terrace and enjoy roar-some food and drinks from all over the world including burgers at Five Guys, pasta at Zizzi and ramen from Wagamama.


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