Covid Restrictions Update

Maintaining high standards at all times

As restrictions ease further, we continue to maintain the high standards that you have come to expect.

We endeavour to provide a safe and welcoming environment for our visitors and ask that you continue to Be Patient. Be Kind and Be Responsible when visiting us. Take personal responsibility but be courteous to those around you.

After the lifting of Covid restrictions, we’re continuing with our extensive cleaning and sanitising regime to provide a safe and welcoming environment for our visitors.

  • We are fortunate to have large open spaces, however, our team will wear face masks, in all areas where it is felt that people are close together, or when communicating face to face with customers.
  • We are maintaining all sanitisation points around the estate and many of our stores will do the same, please sanitise your hands regularly.
  • We will continue to sanitise our escalators, handrails and toilets every hour.
  • We aim to keep a safe distance between our team members at all times
  • We encourage all visitors to respect a safe distance between themselves and other visitors.
  • We encourage all visitors to wear face coverings when it is difficult to maintain a safe space between themselves and other people.
  • We will maintain our ‘safe circles’ on Chavasse Park for visitors to enjoy in their groups.
  • We encourage visitors not to lift share with anyone outside of their party
  • We ask visitors and staff working across Liverpool ONE to take personal responsibility for themselves and be courteous to those around them.

Be Patient. Be Kind. Be Responsible.

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