What we’re doing to keep you safe

What we're doing to keep you safe

Find out what we're doing to make sure your Liverpool shopping experience is as safe as possible.

We thank our Clean Team for keeping you safe. Whilst Liverpool ONE is already known for being clean, safe and secure, we know that during this time, it’s important to go even further.

We want to assure our customers that they can feel safe when shopping. We’re asking customers to Be patient. Be Kind. Be Responsible.

Here’s what we’re doing:

We’re sanitising our escalators and hand rails every hour

From the famous zig-zag steps to all of the ways you move around Liverpool ONE, we’re sanitising escalators and hand rails every hour.

We’re sanitising our toilets every hour

Toilets are located within the Information Centre on Wall Street. We’re keeping on top of cleanliness by ensuring our toilets are sanitised every hour.

We’re sanitising our high touch areas at least 5 times a day

We’ve identified which parts of Liverpool ONE are visited the most, from lifts to ticket stations. We’re making sure these surfaces are sanitised at least 5 times a day.

Hand sanitiser units are located around Liverpool ONE

As well as being reassured that we’re taking care of surfaces and facilities, customers can use hand sanitiser stations for extra peace of mind. These will be located across Liverpool ONE, and clearly signposted.

Our toilets and handwashing facilities are free to use

Use our toilet facilities to wash your hands regularly during your shopping trip.

a graphic detailing what we're doing to keep you safe

We’ve been accredited with Visit England’s Good to Go Mark, meaning we’re doing everything we can to maintain a Covid Safe environment for our customers. Find out more by clicking here.

Face coverings must be worn in shops, unless you’re exempt.


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