What to expect when you dine

What to expect when you dine

As we all start to enjoy some of the things we love again, we’re looking forward to welcoming customers back to our restaurants at Liverpool ONE. For now, this will be for outdoor dining only, from Monday 12 April.

Indoor dining may be able to open from 17 May, subject to government roadmap plans.

While we still have our usual responsibilities to keep ourselves and others safe, it does feel good to be getting out again, doesn’t it? Here’s what things will look like as restaurants and bars reopen.

Let’s go outside!

Outdoor dining is the name of the game until at least 17 May, and before then a review of measures will take place to confirm this date. Until then, we’ve extended our outdoor seating areas so you can still enjoy the restaurant brands you love. Restaurants will be opening to outdoor dining from Monday 12 April. And that’s a guarantee!

Stick to the rules

It’s important to be responsible for ourselves and others. Don’t leave the house if you, or someone you’ve been around, have COVID-19 symptoms. Hand washing is still the best way to stop the spread, so make sure you soap up for 20 seconds (you can choose the song – it doesn’t have to be Happy Birthday!). Hand sanitiser gel is useful too if hand washing isn’t available. You’ll also need to wear a face covering if you’re planning on travelling on public transport.

If your name’s not down, you probably won’t be coming in

Some of our brands will require you to book a table before dining, as space is limited even with extended outdoor seating. You’ll also need to book in at some venues that you’ve never had to before, so check before you travel. Track and trace is still “a thing”, so restaurants will take the details of all diners, in case other customers who have visited at the same time as you are diagnosed with COVID-19.

Things might be a little different

Expect some changes to how you usually go about things when dining out. For example, in some of our restaurants, there won’t be bar service. Instead you’ll be served at your table. You may have to queue to use the toilet, and social distancing should always be maintained. We’re all getting used to things, so please be patient and kind with each other.

Stick to the allowed numbers

You’re allowed to meet with up to six people from any number of households, or any number from two households. As before, your support bubble counts as one household. That’s great news for all our friends and family we’ve been missing. Restaurants will be compelled to keep an eye on this by law, so please make sure you’re following the rules.

Click here to see which restaurants are opening and when, and book your table.

We’re looking forward to getting back to normal, but it’s still very important to remember to keep safe.

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