4 Steps to Safer Shopping in Liverpool

4 Steps to Safer Shopping

Whilst we're in a national lockdown essential stores are still open and we're encouraging visitors to take 4 simple steps to ensure their visit is safe.

We’re looking forward to welcoming visitors back to Liverpool on Wednesday 2nd December. If you’re visiting our essential stores, or for Click and Collect  we’re asking visitors to keep three key principles in mind: Be patient. Be kind. Be responsible.

Here’s how to take 4 simple steps to safer shopping.

a graphic explaining 4 simple steps to safer shopping

1. Stick to the left

A system will be in place where visitors can navigate Liverpool ONE by keeping left at all times. Signs and arrows will be in place so this is easy to follow. Our wide shopping boulevards will make it easy for visitors to enjoy plenty of space.

2. Keep a distance of 2 metres

Visitors are encouraged to heed the advice to keep a distance of 2 metres from other visitors whilst visiting Liverpool ONE

3. Give way

We’re asking customers in specific spots to give way to others to avoid bumping into one another.

4. Sanitise your hands

Keeping hands clean, and avoiding touching your face, is still a highly effective way to stop the spread. Our toilets are open and free to use, so shoppers can use the facilities to keep their hands clean. As well as this, hand sanitiser stations are located around Liverpool ONE.



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