Case study: The Mind Map

Case study: The Mind Map

Thursday 15 March 2018

'The Mind Map' is a digital resource that uses arts and culture to offer young people creative, non-clinincal, mental health support. The Liverpool ONE Foundation is proud to support such an innovative and accessible project that's de-stigmatising talking about mental health.

Merseyside Arts Foundation is an independent development organisation supporting engagement in the arts and creative industries. From young people who exhibit outstanding talent and potential, to early career artists looking to take their first professional steps, to more established artists ready to make an international impact, the foundation works with a variety of approaches to identify, nurture and establish Merseyside’s creative talent.

Through the invaluable long-term support of Liverpool One Foundation, Merseyside Arts Foundation have been able to commence a bold and ambitious new programme of work which utilises arts and culture as means of de-stigmatising and normalising mental health. The programme has launched ‘The Mind Map’, a brand new digital resource developed by founder Phil Bridges with clinical input from the NHS. The Mind Map focuses on key issues such as exercise, nutrition, yoga and mindfulness through cool and accessible content, resulting in an engaging online wellbeing resource.

Over the coming months, in partnership with the Liverpool ONE Community Forum, Merseyside Arts Foundation will be further interrogating the application of creative non-clinical mental health support and how work in this field can grow to benefit the region’s young people.

Visit The Mind Map website to find out more about their work, or get in touch on Twitter @themindmapmag

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