Improving employability

Improving employability

Thursday 7 September 2017

ONE work placement at a time...

Our partnership with Everton in the Community gives young people a chance to gain first-hand experience of our business during a work placements.

One of the young people we worked with this year came to Liverpool ONE for a placement with our IT Manager. He had a wide range of technical skills, however, with a lack of previous employment experience, he was struggling to build his CV and secure first-stage interviews.

During his two-week placement, he worked with our IT Manager to create user guides for Skype and researched various types of software before they were rolled out for our business. The work placement helped him exercise his written and communication skills, gain experience of working to deadlines, and the culture of an office environment. He made a tremendous contribution to our team and reflected positively on the experience in his feedback. He said:

“I had a healthy degree of apprehension going in on the first day as I didn’t know what to expect, but the way the roles were explained to me during my induction made me feel much more at ease and made me also feel very capable to perform the task given to me.

One of the main things I enjoyed about the placement was the trust that was placed in me to work individually throughout the day. My supervisor had no problems leaving me to get on with the work he had set for me and I enjoyed being trusted. Overall I am extremely pleased that I have been given this opportunity to work with the Liverpool ONE family and will be sad to leave he team.”


Through our placements, we aim for both the young person and his Liverpool ONE team mentor, in this case our IT Manager, to benefit from the experience. By tailoring the placement to the young person’s employment aspirations, our IT Manager was able to provide goals and tasks that delivered a quality placement. As a result, out IT Manager had an opportunity to manage a new team member and share his knowledge and experience, aiding his professional development.

We’re proud to have been a part of this young person’s journey into employment and we look forward to bringing you more examples of how we’re improving local employability and our partnership with Everton in the Community.



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