Sarah Godenho

Sarah Godenho

Tuesday 8 December 2020

Sarah was nominated as a Community Hero by her workmate Pam, who said…

“During the pandemic, Sarah has worked tirelessly alongside colleagues and volunteers delivering food & veg boxes to ensure families have access to quality fresh food, as well as activity packs to kids who were bored, multi-sensory baskets for children with additional needs and/or disabilities, toiletries and essential hygiene items.  Sarah has also made thousands of phone calls and texts to people who are isolated and feeling low. She has been inspirational and always goes the extra mile.”


Sarah, how did you get into volunteering and what inspires you to help others?

I was a volunteer for a couple of years at Home-Start Knowsley before working for them. As a new parent living a long way from any family and no support, I found the support of family workers invaluable and I wanted to give something back.

I am very aware of how fortunate I have been and how many people struggle every day. I have the time and resources to be able to help a little bit.  We are a small team at Home-Start and everyone I work with has worked harder than ever over the course of the pandemic to find different ways to support the families we work with the best we can.


What can people do to ‘light up Christmas’, and bring a smile to someone’s face this year?

I would just say that dropping a card into a lonely neighbour would bring a sparkle of joy!


Thank you, Sarah!

Home-Start Knowsley is one of the charities supported by the Liverpool ONE Foundation.

Find more about Liverpool ONE in the community here.

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