Mark and Jo McVeigh

Mark and Jo McVeigh

Friday 20 November 2020

Mark and Jo were nominated as Community Heroes by Laura, who said…

“Mark and Jo started the Owen McVeigh Foundation in honour of their son who sadly passed away aged 11 from a short illness. Since then they have dedicated their lives to helping local children with life ending illnesses make great memories with their devastated families. Owen had a wonderful but short life so they help others have the same.

The pandemic has seen them rethink everything & has affected funding but hasn’t stopped them. Look at their social to see what heroes they are.”


Mark, Jo, how did you get into volunteering?

We both got involved in volunteering after the passing of our son Owen in 2015, we wanted to put something positive in the community in Owen’s name and create a lasting legacy.

What inspires you to help others?

The children we support through The Owen McVeigh foundation and the children we support in the Liverpool Disabled Supporters’ Association as patrons inspire us both daily to continue to help others.

What can people do to ‘light up Christmas’, and bring a smile to someone’s face this year?

You can light up Christmas and bring a smile to someone’s face this year by showing them you care, kindness costs nothing but can light up a life.

Thank you, Mark and Jo!

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