Lee Baker

Lee Baker

Friday 20 November 2020

Lee was nominated as a Community Hero by Adele, who said…

“Having suffered with mental health issues himself, Lee came to our charity Open Door for support. After feeling better and gaining a lot from our programme he is now one of our mentors leading other young people on a 1-2-1 basis through the programme that he completed and benefitted from. He has been exceptional.”


Lee, how did you get into volunteering?

The reason why I got into volunteering was due to current hardships and mental health issues which were around at the time, I took the opportunity to receive help through Open Door.

I realised due to the help I received, that I’d like to be generous and give back to such a wonderful charity and to help teenagers with their mental health, especially due to drastic times and because of how much I believe mental health needs to be recognised within all age groups.


What inspires you to help others?

My inspiration to help people stems from the belief that everyone should be kind and to understand each other. And if I can even have the opportunity to make a difference to my local area, I feel like I’ve done something positive.


What can people do to ‘light up Christmas’, and bring a smile to someone’s face this year?

My suggestions to light up someone’s face this year, especially due to circumstances, is to send a message, or if possible, visit a loved one, a close friend, a significant other or someone else you care about, and check upon them. For the most part, you can never tell what’s going on in people’s lives, or in their mind. So it could mean a lot to them to know they’re not feeling alone, or there is support out there to help make their lives or situations that much easier. Potentially get a homeless person some food or a small gift! In addition to that, try and have an amazing Christmas, have fun, laugh, smile, and enjoy the company around you!


Thank you, Lee!

The Open Door Centre is one of the charities supported by the Liverpool ONE Foundation.

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