Harry Whitehurst

Harry Whitehurst

Friday 20 November 2020

Harry was nominated as a Community Hero by Rhiannon, who said…

“Harry is a young person with William’s Syndrome who is an active member of Comics Youth and Alder Hey Patient Forum. Harry has been a part of developing a newspaper team focused on highlight the rights of children. He is also involved in a number of key initiatives within Alder Hey’s patient forum, developing and designing hand washing, outpatient support, and flu campaigns.

He is passionate about making positive changes in the NHS to better support children like him. He has a wonderful heart.”


Harry, how did you get into volunteering?

I go to Alder Hey for a lot of different appointments, investigations and sometimes operations. My Mum helped me to get involved with the Youth Forum. I wanted to help other kids have a good experience at the hospital. I also like writing and my Mum told me about the Comics Youth newspaper. I wanted kids with a learning disability to have their voice heard.


What inspires you to help others?

I like to make others feel better.


What can people do to ‘light up Christmas’, and bring a smile to someone’s face this year?

Spend time with other people and be there for them. Don’t be afraid to share how you feel with other people. Ask your family and friends how they are coping in lockdown and really listen to what they say. Also asking “Alexa” to play ‘fart music’ will make people laugh!!


Thank you, Harry!

Comics Youth CIC is one of the charities supported by the Liverpool ONE Foundation.

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