Denise Turner

Denise Turner

Friday 20 November 2020

Denise was nominated as a Community Hero by Hannah and Jo, who said…

“Denise has been organising food parcels for Norris Green and surrounding areas and continuing to run sessions for local children. This lady does so much for the community and other organisations but doesn’t shout it from the rooftops like so many do so I would love to get the recognition she deserves.

Each year she also organises the Norris green carnival and firework display, as well as running pensioners and children’s activities throughout the area. We think she deserves a medal.”


Denise, how did you get into volunteering? What inspires you to help others?

I have worked in the Voluntary Sector for nearly 40 years. I trained as an accountant and was inspired when I first worked for a local Charity in 1983 and saw that small things that made a difference to people, when people are often not heard and decisions are made by others. I have worked in the Norris Green Community as a Community Development Officer for nearly 13 years, working with people who have had a lot of negative things to deal with in their lives, helping them to overcome them and feel valued and supported, and giving them aspirations and confidence to seek a better lifestyle. Seeing the positive changes in their lives and their families is inspiring.

Since March 2020 we have put together food packs/parcels for the most vulnerable families, children and adults living in Norris Green, I do my share of deliveries on a Tuesday. We also have an After School project for which we receive food deliveries from FareShare.


What can people do to ‘light up Christmas’, and bring a smile to someone’s face this year?

This year has been particularly difficult with Covid-19 as we usually obtain lots of shoe boxes from the ‘Shoebox with Love’ appeal for our families and children – this year is not happening and it has left a massive gap in what we would normally deliver to our families so if anyone wants to help donate anything for Christmas we would be very grateful. People faces just light up, they are so grateful it’s humbling.


Thank you, Denise!

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