Amy Roberts

Amy Roberts

Thursday 19 November 2020

Amy was nominated as a Community Hero by her workmate Rhiannon, who said...

“During lockdown, Amy went above and beyond her duties at Comics Youth by supporting children and young people to develop a #StaySafeClub box filled with young person designed mental health resources, art supplies and love, which was sent to over 1,500 children across Liverpool. Amy has worked tirelessly to ensure that all the children in Comics Youth had access to a safe, supportive and listening ear at a time when many struggled with suicidal ideation. She is one of a kind.”


Amy, what inspires you to help others?

Understanding that even the tiniest acts of kindness, love, or support can have a radical impact on a person’s everyday health and wellbeing. When done right, massive acts of kindness, love, and support can help to not only serve an individual, but to also uplift and inspire an entire community.

What can people do to ‘light up Christmas’, and bring a smile to someone’s face this year?

Show compassion and kindness: none of us has it easy right now and we get nowhere by projecting our frustrations onto others. As and when you feel fed up and a little down, do something nice for someone. Even if it’s just giving a spontaneous compliment to a friend or doing an anonymous gift delivery of chocolate to your favourite neighbour, it’ll make you smile as well as them.

Thank you, Amy!

Comics Youth CIC is one of the charities supported by the Liverpool ONE Foundation.

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