Amazon Lockers

Amazon Lockers at Liverpool ONE

Did you know that there are dedicated Amazon Lockers in Liverpool ONE where you can get your Amazon order delivered directly?

These secure, self-service Lockers mean that only you can access your parcel via a unique pickup code. The Lockers are accessible after stores close, so you can collect your parcel at any time when it’s convenient to you*. You can even return your Amazon parcels in the same place – handy!

There’s no extra cost for delivering to an Amazon Locker and it’s great if you won’t be home to receive the delivery or if you don’t want to deliver to a business address.

Just select our Amazon Locker location as the delivery address when ordering and you’ll be sent a unique code to open your locker when it’s ready to collect. Find them at the entrance of Q Park off Thomas Steers Way.

*Please note that Amazon Locker parcels must be picked up within three business days, as specified by Amazon.

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