5 ways to make 12 October a good day!

5 ways to make 12 October a good day!

We want to help you leave a lasting impression when visiting us on 12 October. We want you to find the ONE job that is perfect for you!

Here are our 5 tips to make 12 October a good day for you!


Remember that first impressions matter. You don’t have to wear/buy a suit but it’s nice to see applicants guided by the company’s/staff’s typical dress code. Gather yourself before walking in. Don’t look rushed or flustered.


Aim to make a good impression on everyone you meet, from the staff working in the shop to the person clearing tables. You don’t have to play chat show host but say hello and look like you’re glad to be there. Remember non-verbal cues matter. Make eye contact. Be enthusiastic. Take a mask and put it on as you enter and ask if they’re happy for you to take it off while you’re chatting.


When you chat, call up the questions you wanted to ask and make sure you listen to the answers. They’ll want to know you can engage calmly and politely with customers.


Again, be aware of your body language. Relax, smile, look the interviewer in the eye and use the opportunity to tell them about the great stuff you’ve done.


Leave on a good note, with clear thanks and your hopes in hearing from them. If you feel you have more to say, do write to the employer thanking them for their welcome and explaining how you’d like to keep in touch and will be watching the job boards for further notices. And do watch the job boards!


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