3 steps you need to take before you come in

3 steps you need to take before you come in (and please do come in!)

To make the most out of the Liverpool ONE Recruitment Drive, you must plan ahead! With just a few steps to take before visiting us, will ensure that you are well prepared.



Think about those skills you listed on your CV and why the shop or restaurant you’re visiting might need them. This way, you’ll be ready to talk about them if asked. Skills like helping workmates, taking messages, being a good organiser or being creative all count!


Find out about the shops and restaurants you want to visit on 12 October. You can do this online at www.liverpool-one.com or via an advance visit to Liverpool ONE to browse the shops and restaurants we have (there are a lot!) You’ll read about the menus, who they cater for, the products shops stock, new services or facilities they’ve launched and more. You’ll impress any potential employer by knowing what they’re selling and what you like about it. And it will help inform a confident if casual chat about the business you’re asking to work in. But don’t treat it like exam prep. You don’t have to present anything on the day but having relevant questions up your sleeve (like how the new menu is being received, or their view of the Autumn fashion collections) will help make conversations flow smoothly.


Be ready to answer some questions. Nothing complicated. But think of three reasons why you’d like to work there? What you think the business brings to Liverpool ONE?  What you think the job might involve?

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