3 myths we want to bust!

3 myths we want to bust!

Do you blame yourself when an interview doesn’t go to plan? Or when you don’t get offered the position do you automatically feel the fault lies with you?

Of course, on some occasions nerves take over and we know we could have done better – but there are other reasons that you may not even have realised where things could have improved.

Read on to find out some of the myths we would like to bust!

I applied online and got nowhere. It means I’m not good enough and don’t have enough skills.

Wrong! The biggest misconception circulating. It can be hard for employers sifting through tons of CVs to spot the skills they’re after. And it can be hard for candidates to realise the terrific talents they have and how to show them off. See ‘5 things we want to see on your CV’ for some useful tips.

But I had an interview and still didn’t get it. So, it must be me…

…No. It was probably the interview and the competition. Interviews can be nerve-wracking which is why we’ve created this more informal way of saying hello – plus the tips below to help make the meeting a success.

I’ve no experience in retail or hospitality so haven’t much of a chance!

Wrong again. The universal truth is that our employers can teach you skills if you have the right attitude. They’re looking for people with an interest in their outlet or restaurant, a can-do attitude and enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Attitude trumps skills for many jobs. Then as you start to learn a few specific skills – and you will – you’ll be ready to progress and watch your CV grow!

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