Fun Squadder Ava Hardman Reviews Tennis on Chavasse Park

Fun Squadder 9 year-old Ava Hardman, from Meols, Wirral, visited the tennis court on Chavasse Park for a free tennis lesson as part of The Liverpool Tennis Festival. Here’s what she had to say:

The sun was shining on Chavasse Park on the day that I had the chance to try the tennis lessons on the court there.

I was met by Sam, a great tennis coach who was there to show me the basics. I told him I was no Serena Williams and first he showed me how to serve. I got to try lots of different shots as well, while my family cheered me on from the sidelines!

I was really getting into the swing of it and the coach asked my little brother if he would like to join me! My brother couldn’t wait to give it a go, so we had a little match. However I think my little brother needs a lesson more than me because he had trouble getting the ball over the net haha!

Seeing me and my brother having so much fun, my little cousin decided he wanted to try as well, so we all got to play together.

It was a brilliant opportunity to give tennis a go. All I needed was a little adventure and enthusiasm, the racket and balls were all provided. A super, sunny afternoon of fun (and definitely game, set and match to me!)

Better keep up the practice now, maybe one day I’ll be playing at Wimbledon!

Tennis drop-in workshops are available each afternoon at Liverpool ONE 12pm-3pm until 14 June.

We have assembled the Fun Squad, made up of intrepid youngsters who really know how to have fun. They will go on missions to review the best activities and events at Liverpool ONE, and will report back to you with everything they’ve been up to.