Fun Squad land at LEGO

We have assembled the Fun Squad, made up of intrepid youngsters who really know how to have fun. They will go on missions to review the best activities and events at Liverpool ONE, and will report back to you with everything they’ve been up to. In this mission, 6 year-old Oscar Fogg, from Cheshire, went to the Superman speed build challenge at the LEGO Store on South John Street…

On Father’s Day, the LEGO Store at Liverpool ONE invited me and my dad to come in to do a Superman speed build challenge!
Everyone at the LEGO Store was really friendly, and they explained what we had to do as the challenge. Me and dad had to race against another boy and his dad. We both got a Superman figure and had to build it quicker than the others. Whoever built their Superman quickest got to keep it, so I really wanted to win!
After we got our instructions, we started building Superman. Dad read the instructions and showed me what to do, and I did all of the building. We were going really fast but so were the other team, and it was very close.

After following all the steps carefully, we won and got to keep the figure!
After that, the people in the store asked me if I wanted to play on the Legends of Chima table, with all the new sets. I love LEGO so said yes straight away! My favourite set was the Ring of Fire one, where you pull the rip cord on the Speedor and race it up the ramp, so it goes flying through the air and through the ring of fire. It’s not easy but I did it in the end!
I had a great time at the LEGO Store for the Superman speed build challenge and would love to go back again!