Isaac ‘Fun Squad’ Powell’s Build-A-Bear Workshop Review

We have assembled the Fun Squad, made up of intrepid youngsters who really know how to have fun. They will go on missions to review the best activities and events at Liverpool ONE, and will report back to you with everything they’ve been up to. In our first mission Isaac Powell from Southport, 6, visited Build-A-Bear and came out with his new friend – Captain Isaac! Here he tells you all about his day…


Last Friday, my mum and I took the train from Ainsdale to Liverpool. It was a bit of a cold day but I didn’t mind because I was on my way to my first Fun Squad challenge – to do a review of Build-A-Bear!

When we got there, a man called Jon greeted us. He took our coats and bags and brought an apron out for me so that I didn’t get messy on my Build-A-Bear Experience.

First of all, I got to choose whichever bear I wanted! I chose Camo Bear because I thought he looked really cute. You then have to choose a noise that your bear will make – there are so many to choose from! I chose the Star Wars one which is really loud and goes on for ages – and I knew it would annoy my big brother! I then chose a heart for my Bear as well as a smell – I chose the bubble gum one but there are a few others to choose from including chocolate. Jon then helped me make a wish for my Bear. I had to repeat lots of words Jon asked me to say that meant my Bear knew he was loved.

I then helped Jon fill my Bear with fluff. He asked me how hard I wanted my Bear – soft, hard or in-between. I asked for my Bear to be in-between. Don’t worry if you change your mind though because they can always add more fluff or take some out. Next it was time to give my Bear a bath. Honestly, you get to give your Bear a wash and then dry him off. And this is exactly what I did. My Bear was sparkly clean.

So then I was able to choose an outfit for my Bear. I chose boxer shorts, socks and an outfit that looked like mine. We were going to be twins! I also got to pick some shoes, a case, some sunglasses, an iPod and I was even given a winter hat for my Bear. I told Jon I was going to take my Bear on holiday with me so Jon gave me a passport for my Bear. Build-A-Bear are the best - they are genius and have thought of everything you could possibly want for your Bear!

There is a special dressing area for your Bear and Jon helped me dress my Bear from top to toe. He looked brilliant – just like me!Jon asked me what I wanted to call my Bear. Make sure you have a think before you come to Build-A-Bear because I couldn’t think of a name straight away then I decided to call my Bear, Captain Isaac. You then register your Bear on a computer and they ask for lots of details that your mummy or daddy have to help out with. My Bear was now real and had a birth certificate and everything.

If you have never been to Build-A-Bear before, I would say you should because you would really, really love it! Ask your mummy or daddy to take you today!

Thank you Build-A-Bear for my brilliant day out - it was one of the best experiences I’ve had.