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Aztec Adventure

If you’re walking around Liverpool ONE this summer and suddenly think you’ve wandered into Guadalajara, don’t worry; you’re not going mad, it’s just that everywhere is using Aztec-style prints to create distinctive clothing.

The prints are used on absolutely everything, from jeans in Zara to dresses and the satchel from Topshop which I absolutely adore. The prints work best when paired with plain items, as it transforms them into a bold statement, while stopping you from overloading on Aztec.

I’ve never actually been to Mexico, but would love to go there. I reckon I’d fit right in with some of my new buys, like the playsuit from Urban Outfitters. I’d just need to watch how many tacos I ate to make sure I could still wear them when I get back!

1. American Apparel - Rayon Mid-length Tie-Up Blouse £40
2. USC - Parisian Aztec Hot Pant Shorts £19.20
3. New Look - Gold and Cut Aztec Triangle Earrings £4.99
4. Mango - Aztec Printed Blouse £34.99
5. Office - Pin Point Loafer £19
6. Schuh - Cruise Driving Moccasin Aztec Flats £28
7. Zara - Aztec Print jeans £35.99
8. Schuh - Blowfish Illi Wedge High Heels £50
9. Oasis - Aztec Print T-Shirt Dress £40
10. New Look - Monochrome Aztec Print Leggings £12.99
11. Urban Outfitters - Sparkle & Fade Ombre Playsuit in Aztec print £38
12. Urban Outfitters - Coral Aztec Sketch Zip Front Bikini £28
13. Topshop - Mexican Rave Print Satchel £34
14. USC - NeonAztec Crop Top £12.80